For any outdoor trade show or conference, we recommend our secret weapon for drawing people to your booth: the wind flag.

What is a wind flag? 

It’s an attractive flag on a stand, available in various sizes and shapes, that proudly displays your brand’s logo and other graphics. It’s a great way to catch the eye of attendees who might be across the way from your booth.

SmartLink offers wind flags in sizes like 6’, 9’, 12’, and even 17’, which means they can help you stand out from among the crowd of other booths.

We offer a few different shapes, in single- or double-sided varieties:

  • rectangular

  • shark fin

  • teardrop

With full-color digital graphics printed on dye-sublimation fabric, wind flags lend a truly professional look to your event booth display. They’re also easy to set up and take down, making them handy for future events.

If you have any questions about our wind flags and how they can benefit your trade show exhibit, feel free to contact us. We can answer all your questions and help you get the perfect custom wind flags for your next event!

~Tony Johnson
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