We often talk about the benefits of SmartLink displays for trade shows, but sometimes it’s a good idea to take a step back and look at some of the other situations where these signs can have a huge impact.

One great example is job fairs at colleges and universities. As a business, your growth is tied to the quality of people you employ, so it’s often a good idea to go to the colleges where quality graduates are trying to decide where to work.

If you’re exhibiting at a job fair and want to attract great new employees, all the same principles that we described for trade shows apply here. However, instead of looking for qualified leads who might become customers, you’re looking for students who might be a good fit as employees in your company.

Get Some Quality Displays

To accomplish that, you’ll want to consider some of the display products we sell at SmartLink. If the job fair is outdoors, you’ll probably want an event tent. Whether it’s inside or outside, you’ll want to have a booth with a custom tablecloth, banners, wind flags, and other displays.

Remember, these displays are totally customizable to meet your needs, so you can be sure you’ll impress your prospective employees with graphics that prove you have a company worth working for!

As always, the booth display is designed to attract traffic, but then it’s up to you or the staff manning the booth to have answers. Be ready to talk about your organization, what positions you are looking to fill, and what processes and procedures you have for hiring.

To that end, know what you’re trying to accomplish by exhibiting at the job fair. That’ll maximize the return on your time, money, and effort.

Good luck at your next job fair, and don’t forget to make a great impression with SmartLink displays!

~Tony Johnson
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