2015 is quickly approaching and every business owner is probably hoping for the same thing in the New Year… more customers!

What is a perfect customer? Simply put, it is someone who finds a solution to their problem or is able to satisfy their needs in the services or products your company offers.

So how do you attract more of your ideal client or perfect customer?

You want to figure out who your target market is, specifically. You wouldn’t sell bread to a shoe maker or toys to a construction company, would you? Of course not! So you can’t just throw something out into the internet world and hope that the right customer will find your website!

One Way or The Other

There’s a right way and there’s the other way. When it comes to your business, you want to do everything the right way; in hopes that your website will turn visitors into leads and leads into customers and clients!

You want to attract the right people, thus saving you time and money, and as we all know, time is money.

So what do we need to do first?  What steps can we take in order to attract our ideal customers and turn them into returning clients, and hopefully, they will then become promoters of our business as well. A job well done or a client well satisfied, is someone that will pass us along!

Step 1: Attract - Attract strangers to your site that are in need of your products or services. Make your content clear and concise and easy to navigate . Give your potential client the ease at which they want to shop, gather information and learn more.

Step 2: Convert - Convert those visitors into leads. You can do this a few different ways, using call-to-action’s, forms, and landing pages. Provide your visitors with the information  they need in order to take the steps towards closing the sale.

Step 3: Close - When your visitors have enough information to make  the decision to buy your product, you can rest assured that your magic is working! You have successfully targeted the right clients and given them the necessary information and tools they require to make the purchase.

When your visitors are now clients, you have delighted them in every step of the buyers journey. Word of mouth travels fast and when you have satisfied your customers, they now have the potential of turning into your best promoters. They are likely going to tell their friends about your business and so on and so forth!

Important and Crucial!

Targeting your perfect customers is not only important, but it’s smart! Smart marketing is crucial in a world full of creative ideas and forward thinking.

You want to set yourself apart. Stand out and be better than your competition!

~Tony Johnson
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