The last several blogs we did were part of a series on IntelliMetrx, our sister company, which is responsible for some truly groundbreaking trade show measurement technology.

However, while trade shows are a big part of what we do here at SmartLink, we wanted to make sure and emphasize another important service that our business offers: vehicle wrap advertising.

Auto Wrap Advertising

What is auto wrap advertising? Put simply, it’s when some sort of advertising or promotional graphics are “wrapped” around a vehicle. The wrapping consists of decals or full adhesive backed vinyl graphics installed onto a vehicle’s surface.

What’s the point of putting these graphics on a vehicle? It’s because as you drive around, these visuals go with you on the road, making you a travelling billboard, if you like. Wouldn’t you love to have your logo, phone number, website address, and slogan go around with you everywhere you drive, spreading awareness about your brand?

Can It Work For Your Business?

If you’re thinking it’s not really an option for your particular vehicle, think again. We’ve seen some pretty big advancements in auto wrapping over the years, to the point where you can easily have auto wrap advertising on small, curved cars in addition to big, boxy buses or vans.

That’s just a brief look at what this exciting opportunity is and why you might want it for your business. Now that you have a brief introduction to vehicle wrap advertising, stay tuned next time as we look in detail at the pros of using it as an advertising method for your business!

And don’t forget to find out more about SmartLink and what we can do for you!

~Tony Johnson
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