If you’re a frequent flyer like the rest of us, then a few genius lifehacks in that department are always welcome.

Flying can go both ways, it can be your worst nightmare or it can be a flight from heaven. Either way, simple traveling tricks to make your trip easier are always accepted!

Packing - The Preflight Game

With all the crackdowns from TSA, packing has become an adult version of Tetris. Can I take this? Do I have to leave that? Will I be able to bring two bags? Check more than one? It’s a never-ending guessing game.

That’s why we wanted to take the guessing out of it and hopefully, give you some helpful tips in the process.

When you’re gearing up for a Trade Show event, keep in mind that you will be (or maybe not) flying with some rather large and obtuse objects for your booth. I suggest before you ever set foot inside the airport, you check the TSA website for up-to-date rules and regulations. Doing so help determine the best course of action to get all your needed materials to their location... and in one piece. That’s the real challenge, here.

Also, each airline has a different set of rules and guidelines when it comes to shipping your large items. ALWAYS check with your particular airline to ensure less hassle at the gate.

A helpful app I have found when you tend to travel a LOT is, “TSA Pre-✓. This is a security pre-clearance program which allows you to fast-track your re-entry into the US.

For a quicker screening at the gate, try packing your laptop bag into your roller bag, but keep the inside laptop bag unzipped with the zipper facing out. When you get to security, you can just unzip the roller bag and slide your computer right out for scanning. This eliminates holding up the other disgruntled travelers while your digging to no-mans-land looking for your laptop.

Also, keep in mind that most airlines have a 50-lbs weight limit on checked bag, with hefty fees for any items over that weight restriction. So, my advice to you would be to check with your airline specifically regarding their checked weight and size requirements before you “shlep” large amounts of gear to the airport, only to find out you could fund a small country with their ridiculous fees/charges.

Prepare and Relax

The main key here is to jump into your next trip well prepared and versed in the restrictions and requirements of the flying world. It’s easier to navigate a trip when you know exactly what you can and cannot bring!

~Tony Johnson

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