If you’re currently working on updating your trade show booth design and layout there are few recent trends you might want to be aware of.

Relying on style over substance to bring in the crowd is no longer the case. In the modern trade show environment, you have to make sure your exhibit is relevant in order to stand out from other trade show exhibits.

Lounge Areas, Comfortable Seating? Absolutely!

The most recent display exhibits are including a lounge area. Lounge areas have become increasingly common. Many exhibits have lounge spaces in their actual booth itself and in addition to a lounge area, phone charging stations are popping up, more and more. I’ve also seen more available comfortable seating at recent exhibits. And let’s be honest, comfortable seating at a trade show is quite rare.

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Move Over For Innovation

Leave it to Apple to create a new technology that’s seemingly changing the trade show world. The new Apple indoor tracking technology is an indoor version of GPS. Talk about a major advance in the manner of which trade show exhibits function.

Apple's new technology will provide an accurate location of each attendee and allow them to be notified about exhibits which are adjacent to them. It will also allow individuals to filter out exhibits to those which have a good amount of relevance for the attendee.

Reduction of Trade Show Costs

The economics of past years have been unfavorable for a majority of trade show attendees Many exhibitions have reduced their trade show expenses to keep their budgets under control. Something I’ve observed is the direction smaller booths have taken to compensate such reductions, which is improved levels of efficiency.

These levels of reduced expenses haven’t necessarily been bad. Exhibitions are far more preoccupied with having a good ROI than in previous years. Expensive exhibits are no longer as common as nearly all exhibitors have removed exhibit features that have out-sized cost levels.

Simple, Yet Effective

Let’s face it, every business owner is looking for a return on investment. Simple, more efficient changes to your trade show design can provide just that. Next time you’re exhibiting, take a look around at what other, big-name businesses are doing. Does it seem practical? Make a list of your favorite ideas and take steps to implement them into your own trade show design.

~Tony Johnson

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