Phew! You made it! You have successfully navigated through the best checklists of the trade show biz! Now comes the most important piece of information, yet!

Our final blog covers everything you need to know, after the trade show!

The Big Follow-Up!

After leaving a successful, and sometimes not as successful trade show, it is important to follow up on a few different aspects!

Here’s what we think is most important:

  • Immediate Follow-Up - Everyone who attended the tradeshow is saturated with brochures, sales pitches, and presentations.. there’s a 99.9% chance they’ve completely forgotten about you and your awesomely witty demo. So it’s up to you to follow up and remind them who you are and why you’re awesome. Take them up on those demo offers or software trials.

  • Apply EVERYTHING - Take what you learned about selling and the hundreds of people you perfected your pitch to at the trade show and ask yourself, “what did I learn?” Start with:

    • Which witty one-liner caught the most attention?

    • What did people most relate to?

    • Did I gain any new AdWords I can try?

    • Are there ways I can change my demo to improve it?

    • Analyze what people said about your competition!

  • What Did You Learn About Your Software or Product? - This question is most important, because you can always learn something from demoing your own software or product 187,341,384 times. Ask yourself:

    • Were there any features that people asked about that you didn’t have?

    • Did they ask about features that you already have but weren’t obvious?

    • Was there any particular parts of your demo that seemed as though they dragged?

    • Could I improve my workflow to eliminate the drag?

    • What did people dislike most about your competition

    • What did they love about your competition?

You’re Only As Strong As Your Weakest Link, Right?

After every trade show event, there is always room for improvements. Take constructive criticism as a way of refining and defining your operation as a whole and look at every angle as a way to get better and better!

Do you have tips or ideas you’d like to add to our trade show checklists? Let us know, we’d love to include them!

~Tony Johnson

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