If you’ve been following our blog recently, you may remember last week’s blog that covered a detailed checklist for making your trade show experience a successful one!

In continuing our trade show checklist theme, this week will cover all the tips and tricks you need to know one month prior to your show!

It’s Getting Down to The Wire!

  • Emails - Using the trade shows name in your subject line is a great way for people to actually read the contents of your email blast.

  • Set up those meetings! - Use your trade shows as a meeting place for those rare chance, face-to-face- meetings you might need. Including:

    • Editors

    • Bloggers

    • Existing clientele

    • Vendors

    • Competition

    • Potential partners

  • Promoting the event - In order for people to attend the event, you have to promote it! Add the shows info to the bottom of email signatures and be sure to include a giveaway or something else that will be sure to draw their attention.

  • The box of everything - The box of “stuff” will save your hide every. single. time. Trust me. Fill your box with the things listed below, because chances are, you might not need everything at every show, but at some point, everything will get used.

    • Pens (Multiple with ranging colors)

    • Sharpies

    • Tape

    • Masking tape

    • Note cards or post-its

    • Rubber bands

    • Extension cords

    • Small stapler

    • Scissors

    • Screwdriver or other all-in-one tool

  • Shoes made for comfort - You will be on your foot all. day. long. and trust me, your feet are going to pay for it. Wearing shoes that will help your feet staying comfortable while standing at the booth is a must.

Stay Tuned!

This one month out trade show checklist will help you promote a successful trade show experience. Next week we will cover the best of the best once you’re physically at the show, so don’t miss out on those great tips!

~Tony Johnson

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