Last week, we looked at what vehicle wrap advertising is. This time around, we want to look at some of the main pros of vehicle wrap as a method of advertising for your small business.

1) Visible

How many people does your website attract right now? How about radio and TV advertisements? What kind of numbers do you see with these forms of advertising and customer outreach?

With vehicle graphics, thousands of people per day will see you while you’re simply driving where you need to go. That visibility is a huge perk that’s nearly impossible for most businesses to achieve through other advertising means!

2) Targeted Location

Most businesses interested in vehicle wrap advertising deal in a particular geographical area. For instance, if you’re a plumber driving to a house call, your car will be seen in an area you serve. Most of the people who see your ad are prospective customers, because they’re local too!

3) Non-Intrusive

If you’ve ever been annoyed by a telemarketer, a pop-up ad, or a pre-roll ad before your online video, then you would appreciate a vehicle wrap. Think about it: You’re just driving your car around, and onlookers will casually see your car’s graphics as they drive.

There’s no intrusion or interruption there, and if they happen to need what you’re advertising, you made a sale without engendering any ill will at all. Any time you can attract new business that way, you should!

Great Lakes Sierra Truck Wrap_1.JPG

4) Limited Cost

Do you want your ad on the radio for another month? If you do, you’d better come up with more money. What about that billboard of your business on the freeway? It’s only there while you’re paying for it.

But with a vehicle wrap, once you’ve paid for the graphics and install, it’s there for as long as you drive that vehicle--and you’re already driving that vehicle anyway, so it’s a cost effective way to get long-term exposure for your business! Plus, changing out the graphics in the future can easily be done with a professional installer.

5) Scale

You can apply all of these benefits to more and more of your vehicles as your business grows. If you think it’s effective having one or two vehicles with wraps as they drive around town, how much more effective will it be to have eight or ten?

The more people who see your business brand, the more likely they are to think of you when they need what your company offers. Your investment will pay off dramatically over time.

These are five of the biggest benefits of vehicle wrap advertising. I encourage you to contact us if you have questions on them or want to find out more about getting a vehicle wrap for your business!

~Tony Johnson
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