When attending a trade show, we all find ourselves looking around, checking to see how our booth design stacks up against the competition. Here at Smartlink, tradeshow booths are our business and we want to make sure you have the best booth on the floor!

So, what makes a certain booth stand out? What makes the design effective? Obviously, things fall in and out of style. Right now, we are seeing several trends worth noting.

Actually, there are five things that stand out about current booth design.

5 Questions that Lead to the Most Effective Tradeshow Booths

Whether you are heading to your first tradeshow or you are a veteran, who needs a little inspiration to up your tradeshow presentation game, these are the five questions you should be asking yourself.

  1. Does your brand really stand out? Your message should be clear, engaging, and utterly readable.

  2. Does your space fit your needs? Create space for meetings or product demos… create space to engage your potential buyers in a way that is unique, practical, and memorable.

  3. Is your exhibit versatile? Well seasoned travelers will attest to this - every tradeshow or convention center space is different. Can your exhibit adapt to meet the ever changing space restrictions? It should!

  4. What is the one thing you want visitors to learn about you? Focus on your latest or most popular products. Less is more here. Don’t overwhelm people with huge catalogues. Keep it simple and focused!

  5. How are you using technology to further your customer reach? More and more we are dependant on our smartphones. People expect you to employ technology in your business and in your booth… whether it’s in social media or taking payments or displaying products… find a way to use technology that works for you!

Wrestling with these questions before you implement a new trade show exhibit will save you time and money, in the long run; as it helps you clarify your mission and reason for actually traveling to all these trade shows in the first place!

Now What?

So, now that you’ve thought these important questions through, and you have your vision set, what should you do?

Well, visit the Smartlink website for pricing and product info. Trade shows are our business and we love helping business owners come up with fantastic new ways to display their genius products!

~Tony Johnson
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