You’ve noticed those cars, like billboards racing past you in rush hour traffic. We know you have. They are hard to miss! But, maybe that’s the point.

Auto wraps don’t have to be obnoxious.

Leave a Memorable Impression

Depending on your business and the type of work that you do, branding your car with an auto wrap could really pay off. In fact, if you are the sole proprietor of your business and you use your car as a company car, you can claim the auto wrapping as a business expense.

If that doesn’t sell you on a brand new auto wrap, let’s talk about how these wraps will expand your business.


If you drive to meet with clients - your car will tell the neighborhood, the parking lot, and every other car that you pass while en route that your company is on the job. That is a lot of impressions.

One study of Super Bowl ads and their correlation to sales says that “eighty-percent of Super Bowl commercials don’t actually help sales.” The truth is, we reach for the things that are familiar, the things we use and see all the time. If we know this, we can use auto wrapping to our advantage.

We’ve found that a fun logo on an auto wrapped car can be a great conversation starter. This leaves room for you to speak about who you are and what you do in a really natural way, which is a great way to approach how you brand and advertise your business.

Stand Out in a Crowd

Maybe the real trick to auto wrapping is deciding how you will present your brand to the world? Be yourself. Be original. And let your unique brand speak for itself.

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~Tony Johnson

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