We’ve talked plenty about what vehicle wraps are and how they can improve brand awareness and sales for your business, but it’s always easier when we can see this stuff in action. This week, let’s look at the creation and installation of a custom vehicle wrap.

We worked with our client, AquaPro Pools & Hot Tubs, to get a nice graphic of a pool and logo on their trailer, plus an attractive logo and their contact information on the main vehicle. Here’s a brief walkthrough of the process we went through.

Initial Concept

Here’s the concept mock-up for AquaPro’s vehicle wrap. This is just a side view of the left side, but the final trailer had a wrap on all four of its sides. We made the mock-up for the client to get a sense of what the final product would look like, giving them a chance to ask for changes or adjustments.



The approval process with the client was back-and-forth a few times as we amended the design based on feedback. Here’s an image of the trailer’s site measurements, which we needed in preparation for printing the vehicle wrap.

Print and Installation

The vehicle and trailers started out like a blank canvas, as you can see. After the final client approval came in, we went to print and got started installing the vehicle wrap.

After we were done, the blank canvas of the trailer turned into a rich and detailed visual that draws the eye and leaves a dazzling impression. Our client AquaPro was thrilled with the final product, which looks like this.

You’re more than welcome to ask questions about what we did for this particular client or talk about what you want for your own vehicle wrap project!

~Tony Johnson
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