Should You Own or Rent Event Tents?
Primarily built for outdoor trade shows, event tents protect your booth’s staff and visitors from the elements. More than just simple weather protection, however, these tents do a great job of showcasing your brand and catching people’s attention while saving money, thanks to full-color dye-sublimated printing.

Our event tents generally consist of a metalwork frame made of lightweight aluminum and a canopy made of a canvas-style material. They’re generally available in 10’ x 10’, 10’ x 15’, or 10’ x 20’ sizes, and which one you choose depends on the footprint you secure for the trade shows you’re attending. They’re easy to fold for storage and transport.  

To Own or Not to Own?

Plus, depending on how many shows you use them for, you can often get a good two or three years out of an event tent from SmartLink. Most of the hardware is reusable, so you can reskin the tent with different graphics on a new canopy or new back/side walls. To Own or Not to Own? The merits of an event tent are pretty clear, as they help you make the most of your footprint at a trade show or conference. In this blog post, instead of focusing on why you need an event tent, I wanted to focus more on the financials of owning a tent compared to renting one. 

Without naming names, we have a high profile client who attended more than a dozen trade shows in a year and consistently rented the event tent. For that volume of shows, if you amortize the cost of ownership versus rental, ownership easily emerges as the winner. 

But you don’t have to attend anywhere near that many shows per year to benefit financially from ownership over rental. If you use your tent’s hardware for two or three years and attend six to nine shows, it’ll be a cost effective way to make a great impression over and over again. 

Customization Possible

Customization Possible Best of all, if you need to customize the canopy or walls of your tent at any point, you can swap these out inexpensively for each event. 

Talk to us about getting an event tent for your next trade show exhibit! We can start with a template or set up a meeting to make a custom tent based on the product or service you’re promoting and the shows at which you plan to exhibit. 

Good luck, and we look forward to hearing from you! 

~Tony Johnson
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