There comes a time in the life of every company that you have to decide whether or not to buy an event tent. This may not seem like a huge deal. But, it usually comes down to a financial decision.

The reality is, owning a customized event tent allows you to establish your brand at every event that you participate in. Whether it’s sporting events, company picnics, job fairs or outdoor community engagement events, your tent should tell people who you are and invite them inside - out of the sun.

The Perks of Ownership

Our event tents start at $700. The hardware is reusable and the skins and walls of the tent are completely customizable and easily switched out, so that you can grow your brand over the years.

Of course, renting a boring, white, event tent is fairly cheap. But, it’s a cost that you will incur every single time you have an event. Buying an event tent is a one-time, upfront cost.

Let’s say that you need an event tent for three different outdoor events a year, and it costs $250 per event. At three times per year, that’s $750 per year just for a plain white tent. This adds up over time!

Event tent breakpoint.jpg

Another perk of owning your event tent is that you no longer need to arrange pick-up and delivery of it! Which is always such a pain! If you own your own tent, the only thing you need is the space to store it!

Give Us A Call

Event tents do not need to be boring! And, you don’t need to rent them forever! Give us a call and we can help you design a fully customized tent today!

~Tony Johnson

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