2015 is here and so is the need for a marketing budget! If you travel to various trade shows throughout the year, then it is important that you devise a plan, sculpt it into a budget, and stick with it!

You don’t want to exceed your yearly budget in the first trade shows of the year, and find out in September you have nothing left to work with.

Keep It Simple!

Keeping your 2015 marketing budget simple, but concise is going to prove helpful as you’re planning out your trade show traveling plans.

Here are a few tips to help you get started!

  • Organize Financial Information - Understand your finances and how much your company makes on a monthly basis. Use reliable revenue, especially if your income varies significantly throughout the year. “Reliable revenue” is the minimum amount of money your company makes each month.

  • Determine Where you Want to Spend Marketing Funds - When you have a final tally on your total amount available to spend, your next step is to create a solid plan on how you intend to spend that money. Three factors can help here.

    • Budget size

    • Past experiences

    • Trade shows you want to attend

  • Assess Your Analytics and Make Changes Accordingly - Don’t be afraid to make adjustments to improve your revenue production, ultimately, your marketing budget should be designed to bring in extra revenue. Remove the strategies that are not doing just that. But, be sure that the changes you’re making are caused by your marketing strategy and not an outside influence like holidays.

Create it and Stick to it!

The easy part is creating a budget, the hard part is sticking to it! If you would like a few more tips on creating a marketing budget for 2015 you can follow this link and read more!

~Tony Johnson

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