Last week, we talked about the various ways that IntelliMetrx cameras can gather trade show data for analysis - but the discussion wouldn’t be complete without determining how you can actually use that data for improvement in the future!

One way is to change your banner, display, or sign. For example, if you put a sign out with just your logo and the metrics show that people ignored your booth or didn’t seem drawn in by the sign, then you have an explanation for why your conversion rate was lower than you’d prefer.


Another great benefit of these metrics is the ability to narrow it down by demographics. Maybe you don’t know what percentage of your customers are male or female, younger or older, etc. This IntelliMetrx camera technology gathers this information for you, impartially and reliably. You’ll see it have a profound impact on your future marketing efforts (both in trade shows and with other marketing initiatives).

There are few opportunities to gather this much in-person data on your target audience!

Don’t keep exhibiting at trade shows without getting solid data and metrics to draw from. If you wouldn’t do that for your online marketing or direct mail campaigns, then why would you stay in the dark when it comes to your trade show exhibition?

If you have further questions, you can ask us here at SmartLink or head over to IntelliMetrx to learn more. Good luck at your next trade show!

~Tony Johnson
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