Let’s devote some time to the importance of a great logo design. We see a whole lot of logos because we print them on trade show materials for so many companies, every day. While we don’t design logos ourselves, we see the value of a stellar design all the time.

The truth is, a great logo will work for you. But, a bad logo will work against you! It’ll make you look unprofessional.

Logo’s Work Even When You Are Off The Clock

Your logo design serves so many purposes. Not only is it the first impression of any potential client, it also serves as a reminder of what your company stands for.

Branding is about telling the story of your business in a succinct, consistent, and memorable way. We all want to feel like we are buying into a product or company that is exactly what we need and has a culture or essence that we are proud to tell our friends about.

You don’t have to be Apple or Volkswagen or Google to be memorable. A quick search on pinterest and I found a buzzfeed list of the most creative logo designs. These examples should have you thinking of new ways to leave your mark on the world.

And color plays a big role in a logo. There are lots of articles on the psychology of color choices.


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What does your brand say about you? Who can forget the Coca-Cola logo or the green mermaid of Starbucks?

Keep it Simple

A simple color scheme in your logo design goes a long way in establishing who you are and the story that your business is telling.

When trying to establish your brand, something easy to read and recognize is key. For help displaying that logo at trade shows and events, call us!

~Tony Johnson

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