Introducing IntelliMetrx

We’re all about trade shows here at SmartLink. Along with our array of useful signs, event tents, and other products for trade shows, we also have the expertise to advise you on making the most of a trade show. From marketing to logistics, we’ve been there.

But there’s one component of trade shows that we aren’t able to help you with firsthand: the metrics. Just like with digital marketing or direct mail, you want data at your disposal to help you decide what’s working and what’s worth your marketing dollars!

That’s where IntelliMetrx comes in.

What is IntelliMetrx?

My partner Ian Hessel has a company called IntelliMetrx, a sister company to SmartLink. With a name that merges the words “intelligent” and “metrics,” IntelliMetrx uses video technology to count people that pass by your trade show booth. It also counts how many come up to the booth, how many interact with the booth, how many of each gender is represented, and many other metrics!

Typically, it’s very difficult to tell what your ROI (return on investment) is with trade shows. That’s what makes IntelliMetrx such a good choice as part of your trade show investment. You’ll finally be able to actually determine your trade show booth’s performance!

You’re not getting just a traffic counter, either - you also can track statistics like: how long an individual looks at your booth’s screen (attention time), how long an individual stays in the vicinity of your booth (dwell), and the ratio between attention and dwell (attractiveness).

This technology puts facts and figures to the marketing funnel - from opportunity to conversation to interaction and engagement, it’s all measurable!

Why Use IntelliMetrx and Its Products?

This all sounds pretty fancy, I’m sure, but you’re probably wondering why you would actually want to incorporate this Intellimetrx camera technology into your trade show booth.

The main reason is data. Never before has it been so easy to get a comprehensive snapshot of a trade show booth’s effectiveness! You’ll see these results aggregated in near real time, which means you can make tactical decisions about your booth, even while the event is still going on! You can also break down the data into increments as small as 60 seconds.

This is powerful stuff that SmartLink can integrate into your trade show booth seamlessly. Stay tuned over the next few weeks as we go into more detail about IntelliMetrx and how it can benefit you at your next trade show!

~Tony Johnson

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