We have so many opportunities to meet different kinds of people in the display business. As we approach summer, it’s always a blast working with coaches and team parents.

Whether you are coaching the major leagues or your local soccer tournaments, it doesn’t seem to matter. We all want to be the best coach that we can. We want the sport to be fun and exciting for the team…and we want to win. Of course, we all want to win.

Remember to Have Fun!

I read a great story last year about an AYSO team in Malibu, California. This team of high school girls had been together in one form or another for the past twelve years through the AYSO program and school teams. They knew each other well, and they played well together.

The thing is, they did not practice together at all last season, and they won. Big time.

How does this happen?

The coaches simply took the pressure off. They made sure these girls, who already knew and trusted each other, were there to have fun.

Do your best and have fun. That’s all that matters.


When you’ve built a solid team, you can do that. You don’t need to rehash the basics every week, running drills and making sure everyone knows everyone else. Wouldn’t it be nice if we all got to be a part of teams that were that established and grounded in the more important things?

Of course, winning is really fun. We all want to win. And it took twelve years for those girls to perform together at that level. Building a team requires time and patience, whether you are on the soccer field or the sales floor.

Put Me in, Coach!

The great coaches take an interest in their players and trust them to do what they came to do—in this case, play soccer.

If you’re getting ready to hit the fields this summer, make sure your team is outfitted with a really great banner. Visit our website for all the details.

~Tony Johnson

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