With several different intelligent measurement products available, IntelliMetrx is able to provide a wide range of data metrics for their customers. If you’ve ever wondered why so many trade show attendees pass through your booth but you never seem to get much engagement, IntelliMetrix will give you unprecedented access to the numbers behind the story.

Here are the metrics you can look forward to with IntelliMetrx camera technology integrated into your booth:

Viewers - The number of people that look at the point of attention (your booth)

Visitors - The number of people that passed by the point of attention (your booth)

Visibility - The ratio of viewers to visitors

There are also metrics that help you determine the level of engagement with your booth:

Dwell - The average time that a viewer remains in front of the point of attention (your booth)

Attention - The average time that a viewer looks at the point of attention (your booth)

Attractiveness - The ratio of attention to dwell

That’s not all, of course! It can be broken down further into male versus female viewers, measured by day or time of day, and by different points of attention (like if you have different screens or visuals on display in your trade show booth).

The IntelliMetrx measurement technology provides this data through advanced, integrated technologies like infrared sensors, facial recognition, bar codes, and more! Together, SmartLink and IntelliMetrx will make sure that your booth and technology are set up for the best possible results!

Stay with us until next week, when we’ll reveal how you can use these metrics to improve your future trade show and marketing results!

~Tony Johnson
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