There are so many different items you might have on your trade show shopping list, but I highly recommend you include tablecloths on it.

Why are custom tablecloths for your booth worth having? It’s because they reinforce your brand and your colors, and tie the rest of the display together.

The tablecloth itself is a bit of a focal point. As people walk by, they might be more likely to see what’s on your tablecloth than your enormous banner display.


If you can portray professionalism in your exhibit, you’ll attract more traffic and leave a better impression on everyone who walks by or stops in. And for events that provide tablecloths, you can always add a custom runner or skirt, as well as banners and other display items.

The most important thing at trade shows is to capture people’s attention and keep it. Tablecloths are a big help with this. Give them a try today!

~Tony Johnson

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