It’s true on the golf course, and it’s true in the business world. Follow-through is very important. Come to think of it, follow-through is equally important in every aspect of life.

Did you know that implementing a follow-up plan before you pack your bags for your next trade show has the potential to increase your ROI by a whole lot?

Today, let’s discuss three ways to never let a lead slip through your fingers again.

Three Steps to Better Follow-Through

  1. Be Prompt. You have all those fresh business cards and lists of email addresses. So, what are you waiting for? Contact your leads while they still have you in their minds. Letting a lead go cold doesn’t do anyone any good.clock photo.png

  1. Be Specific. Your follow-up email sequence should use specific action words like Download Now. Now is not the time to play hard to get—don’t use language like, “If you’d like more information…” They already gave you their contact information. They do want more information. Make sure the info you are offering is valuable to them.

  2. Be Personal. Receiving an email from a stranger that is clearly copied to thousands of others is a turnoff. No one likes to be treated that way. Don’t treat your fresh, warm leads that way, either. Instead, write in an engaging and personal way.

Following through after a trade show can make or break your ROI on that particular show. Doing so immediately and in a friendly way only nurtures your leads and shows them how valuable they are to you. This is always a good thing!

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~Tony Johnson

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