Auto wrap advertising, what is that, exactly? The short of things is this: It’s your vehicle advertising or promoting [your] business using a graphic that is “wrapped” around it. Sounds simple, right?

The wrapping usually consists of your business graphic or decal installed onto a vehicle’s surface.

Auto- Wrapping is the best way to advertise your business. Think about it, while you’re driving around, your vehicle serves as a travelling billboard! Just think of how many people you come in contact with while you drive. You can have your logo, phone number, website address, and slogan go around with you everywhere you drive, spreading awareness about your business or brand!

Can It Work For My Business?

Auto wrapping has advanced over the years and can accommodate even the biggest and smallest of vehicles.

Check out these walking advertisements!



4 Reasons to Auto Wrap

  1. Visibility - With vehicle graphics, thousands of people per day will see you while you’re simply driving where you need to go. That visibility is a huge perk that’s nearly impossible for most businesses to achieve through other advertising means.
  2. Location Specific - Most businesses interested in vehicle wrap advertising deal in a particular geographical area. For instance, if you’re a plumber driving to a house call, your car will be seen in an area you serve. Most of the people who see your ad are prospective customers, because they’re local too!
  3. Non-Intrusive - Telemarketers, need we say more? Ok, maybe just a little. Think about this-- As you drive around, onlookers will casually see your vehicles graphics and make mental notes along the way, but won’t be annoyed by cold calls from businesses pushing their products and services.
  4. Limited Cost - Advertising and marketing can be expensive; especially if you are running billboard or radio advertisements. With auto wrapping, it’s a one-and-done. Pay once, and sit back and collect the incoming business. It’s a cost effective way to get long-term exposure for your business.

These are just a brief look at what auto wrapping can do for you. Think of the endless possibilities auto wrapping advertisement can bring to your business!

Give us a call for more details and let us know how we can help bring awareness to your business.

~Tony Johnson
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