Over the past few weeks, we looked at what vehicle wrap advertising is, as well as five of the biggest benefits it offers. But if you’re already a convert or you already have a vehicle wrap, then there are still things you can do to get more “mileage” out of yours (painfully bad pun intended).

1) Local Events

There are all kinds of local events that your company can be a part of. You might be a sponsor for a charity, a participant in a themed parade, or an exhibitor in an outdoor trade show. You can even put on an event of your own! Whatever the scenario, having a vehicle with a graphic wrap will help you establish a memorable presence at community events.

2) Marketing Your Wrap

As widespread as your vehicle wrap’s reach might be out on the road, you can make it even wider by taking some pictures of it. Once you’ve done that, you can include the images in all sorts of other marketing and advertising initiatives, creating awareness of your brand and telling people to watch for your wrapped vehicles out on the road.

3) Drive Your Vehicle

A simple, but sometimes overlooked way to make the most of your vehicle wrap is simply to drive the vehicle that has it! Every time you drive it, you get more benefit from the wrap, so do it whenever possible. Encourage others in your business to drive wrapped vehicles instead of their own personal vehicles whenever they can as well.

At its core, the wrap is a tool that can do amazing things for your business, if you make intelligent decisions on how to maximize its value. For a one-time investment with SmartLink to get the vehicle wrapped, you’ll get some truly amazing results, so I encourage you to give these tips a try and see how your business picks up.

I hope you found these tips useful! Good luck making the most out of your vehicle wraps!

~Tony Johnson
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